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I created this blog to discuss a little bit of everything but mainly GTOP is a couple who is legitimate

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Anonymous asked: How can they be real when gds with kiko? I was a long time shipper too but i gave up on them


Okay so I’ve been thinking about Jiko for a while now because of Jiyong’s leaked Instagram video where he says “my dear kiko” and how that seems like a lot of proof that Jiko is real to many people. And here are my thoughts on the matter of Jiko and Gtop currently. (Let me just preface this with the fact that these are my opinions; they aren’t necessarily right, I’m just talking about what I have seen and my general opinion of the situation). I’m really sorry for writing so much but I wanted to get my thoughts out as well so I’m going to put the rest of this train wreck under the “read more”

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there was so much todae going on today and tabi wasn’t even there.. cr: @cheri-big and @susifg

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Anonymous asked: Hiii!! I really like your opinions please can you tell me what is going on with the whole gtop-jiko thing? My shipper heart!! I mean why is gd going all out suddenly on the whole Top/GD&TOP pics so confusing. Have a nice day!


GTOP is always confusing. Jiko is always “obvious”. Both pairings are a “hide in plain sight” type of pairing.

It confuses me, too. Because GD treats the thing with Kiko the same way he treats the thing with TOP. There are a few theories. These are all just theories, and some are opposing ideas, and I’m trying to be honest, here. 

They’re under “read more” to save space, because I wrote a lot.

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Someone helped their aunt look after her flower shop for 5hrs and she saw TOP walk in to the shop during that time. She was so startled that the pliers she was holding fell to the floor. TOP asked, “Are you okay?” He was walking around the shop like a crab because he didn’t want the leafs of the…



YG Family Tour haven taken place for 2 days

No GTOP interaction spotted!


Like again?!

I know it’s become a norm since 2011 that GD&TOP don’t do fanservice

And I know their moments are as rare as once a thousand years since then


To an extent that they have completely no…